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Santander Lien Release Instructions

  • 2 min read

If your loan has been paid in full and your lender is Santander Consumer USA, this article will describe how to obtain your lien release. If your lender is not Santander Consumer USA, these instructions may be similar, but first, verify with your lender to ensure other documents are not required.

Step 1: Compile your lien release request letter and documents

In order to release your lien, you must submit a request in writing to Santander. This process cannot be done over the phone or online. Your lien release letter should include your vehicle information and VIN, your information, and your request for the lien to be removed due to loan satisfaction. You should include a letter of non-interest in the event that there is additional money owed, the lender can decide to remove their security interest. Additionally, we highly recommend that you also include pre-stamped envelopes for your lender to use. Their office likely has envelopes and stamps, but providing this for them may result in a quicker response. By making it easier for them, you’re also making it easier for yourself.

Step 2: Send two copies of your request to Santander via certified mail

Once your documents are created and organized, make three copies. Keep one blank copy for your reference, and mail the other two copies to the following addresses:

Main AddressPayment Address
Santander Consumer USA Inc.Santander Consumer USA Inc.
P.O. Box 961245P.O. Box 660633
Fort Worth, TX 76161-1245Dallas, TX 75266-0633

Why send a copy to both Santander addresses?

Most lenders won’t have an employee standing by to release liens. Employees of the company who have this responsibility also wear other hats. By sending two copies, you’re more likely to reach someone who is able to help rather than hoping one person finds your request and is able to fulfill it.

Step 3: Receive your signed lien release and take it to the DMV

After Santander sends you back a signed lien release or letter of non-interest, take that letter to your local DMV and apply for a title. Most states will use their state title application for this process but verify with a DMV agent before proceeding to ensure all paperwork is completed.