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Auto Lien Release Made Simple specializes in obtaining lien releases for people who have paid off their auto loan or for those who have a lien on their title from the previous owner. We make the process simple, fast, and stress-free by contacting your lender on your behalf. We do the work for you!

How We Get Your Lien Released

Step 1: Locate the lienholder

Step 2: Prepare your official DMV lien release request letter and letter of non-interest

Step 3: Submit your lien release request letter and letter of non-interest on your behalf

Step 4: Get your lien released!

We also provide our contact information, as well as yours, to the lienholder in the event that they have questions about the lien release request. This also allows your lienholder to send you your title directly. Each lien release letter request also incudes pre-addressed and postage-paid return envelope for added convenience and likelihood of response.

Lien Release Rundown

“If you have a vehicle title which a lien is showing on the official title record, there is a very specific process to have that title released.”
David P.

Lien Release Questions

Answers To the Most Frequently Asked Lien Questions!

What Information Do I Need To Release a Lien?

The Vehicle VIN number, the name of the lender or finance company, and/or the name of the person on the account.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Obtaining a lien release can take between 2-21 business days, depending on the lender or finance company.

How Much Does Releasing A Lien Cost?

Lenders and finance companies have different costs to release a lien. Inquire with the bank or finance company.

Can You Get A Release For A Lien Without A Title?

Yes, you can get a lien release. Once you have the lien release document, you can obtain a title from the DMV with all liens removed.

Can you release a lien for a repossessed vehicle?

We can handle any vehicle situation, including repossessed vehicles with liens! Contact us today.

Can you release a lien in any state?

Yes, we cover all 50 states! Contact us today!

What Happens If My Lien Holder Cannot Be Identified?

If your lienholder cannot be identified, we will do everything within our means to locate the new entity. The most likely reason for this to occur is simply because the lienholder is no longer in business and has transferred your lien to another entity. Unfortunately, in certain situations, we are unable to identify the current lienholder and these orders will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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If you prefer to have us handle the lien release request, here is what we can provide for you.

  1. We will look up the lien holder name and state for the last titled owner per DMV records
  2. We will prepare the official DMV lien release form for that vehicle
  3. We will send a custom letter for the lien release, sent along with the official title form
  4. The letter and title form is sent to up to three address:
    • The legal address recorded in the official DMV title records
    • The current address for the lien holder if they have moved
    • Any business address for any merger or takeover company

We also include a customer service contact if the lien holder would like to ask questions about the process. We will provide your direct contact info to them in case they would like to send you the title forms directly. We include a pre-addressed and postage paid return envelope to send back any forms or title documents, to make it convenient.

While we are not allowed by law to release the private information about the prior owner or lien holder to any third parties, and they are not required to take any any action with the title, we have found that this method has the best response rate. Most financial institutions are not able to accept verbal requests by phone for lien information.  By sending a request in the mail, it allows the lien holder to get the file to the correct department for processing.

We will send you updates when the letter is sent, and when it is received by the lien holder. We also update you if they contact us with any questions. They may also contact you directly, as well.

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